While ray tech global provides the customer branded generators available in the market, we prefer to work with higher quality brands in order to mitigate failures and increase up time for the customer.

Quality generators typically have a perkins, cat, cummins engine. These generators are in high demand and (often) short supply. There are lesser brands that if well maintained- will provide years of trouble free service. Because the customer’s needs are paramount, considerations of price, desired reliability & performance, and specific technical requirements will assist in the decision process of which generators to provide.

Repair and assessment:

Often customer find themselves in a situation where there are multiple brands or types of generators in their fleet. Occasionally there are instances where records have not been kept and an overall assessment needs to be taken of the generator fleet in order to understand the current state of readiness and provide a clear path to standardization. Whatever the case, raytech global can assist the customer with streamlining operations. We’ll assess your entire fleet, prepare maintenance reports, and stratify the data to show where operational readiness weaknesses are.

Experienced technicians and data management personel will meetv with customer prior to assesment to gain a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs as well as conduct a thorough debrief which includes several detailed reports.

Such service and reports often include: Current operational readiness report of entire generator fleet. Maintenance record files on each generator complete with Hours Maintenance history Purchase history Projected maintenance dates Long term issues/comments Other items as per customer request Recommendations on buy/lease, consolidation of brands, types, and optional streamlining which may assist customer with managing fleet. Online fleet management software in order to enhance the customer’s ability to maintain real-time visibility of the fleet and remain ahead of any current or potential issues. Service and support: Whether the customers equipment originates with raytech global or not, the customer will receive excellent ‘around the clock’ maintenance and repair service. Raytech global can maintain your current fleet for a standard rate (typical with equipment originating with raytech global) or cost plus (typical of equipment originating elsewhere). Although the type of contract is at the customer’s discretion, the service will remain the same. We will provide the parts, labor, and time necessary to ensure a customer specified readiness level for the fleet. With on-site technicians and parts, warehouses, tools, manuals, and special equipments, raytech global ensures all the pieces fit in to a comprehensive maintenance plan that meets the customer’s needs. Customers can customize the plans as required to meet their individual needs. Our standard operation & maintenance service covers the following areas: 24 x 7 arround the clock service. Weekly visits to inspect the working condition of generators Conduct periodical maintenance in occordance with the manufacturer’s specifications or every 300 hours of operation/customer specified time. Provide necessary spare parts, lube-oil and coolant during perodical maintenance. Maintain service records. Maintain online database. Raytech global expertise: Raytech global technicians have a proven record in repairing and maintaining generators. Our skilled technicians: Provide preventive maintenance and repairs on various types of generators. Maintain qa & qc standards by compiling various reports on equipment and preventive maintenance schedules. Troubleshoot equipment failures on customer locations and handle repairs. Accurately setup and operate equipment/provide instruction for customer’s operators. Capable of working with engines ranging up to 2mw generators and transfer switches. Overhaul, rebuild of power generation equipment, internal combustion engines and associate equipments. Order, service, and replace parts. Inspecting and maintaining fuel tanks, fuel burners & electrical wiring. Overhaul of starters, alternators, gnerators, fuel injectors, voltage regulators, switches, control circuits.. Etc Troubleshooting with proper schematics. Through knowledge in handling precision tools Experience to handle the following generators types: repair, maintenance and re-building of diesel generators up to 2 (two) mw Makes/brands: A. Perkins – fg wilson – marapco – jet .. B. Cummins – onan .. C. Caterpiller – olympian .. D. John deer – kolhar .. E. Allis chalmers F. Mahindra G. Volvo H. Yanmar I. Isuzu J. Kubota K. Daewoo L. Detroit M. Kirloskar N. Various chineese models Raytech global facilities: Raytech global operates its own workshops that makes it feasible to bring in generators to be repaired and serviced. Our technicians are well equipped to perform any repair on generators. We focus on a safe working envirment while ensuring all safety measures are adhered to. Our technicians are live and work on base; raytech global guarantee to deliver on a 24x7 emergency basis. Raytech global technicians: are highly skilled and have work experience with top recognized companies in the market. Aside from raytech global’s comprehensive safty (sop), some of the generator specific safty related training , our technicians are accustomed to : A. ( msds) material safety data sheet familiarization B. Hazardous waste handling C. Hazardous material handling D. Battery disposal procedures E. (hwap) hazardous waste accumulation point F. Other safety: Grounding: we ensure electrical power generating & distribution systems must be properly grounded to prevent hazards to operators & using personnel. Fire protection: we recommend to adequate fire protection must be provided in the area where the dg set will be used Noise protection: we also recommend to adequate hearing protection must be utilized in the vicinity of most operating generating sets. During our service and operations we ensure all safety and hazmat procedures will be adhered as per industry standards. Summary: Raytech global is your on-site power supply and service provider to ensure maximum quality equipment, rapid service and lowest costs. Whether you have one generator or thousands, raytech global can provide you the service with best options for your operational sustainment. Call or mail us today to know more. Contact informations: V. S. Fernandes General manager (heavy equip. & energy division) Info@raytechglobal.Com